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Uttarakhand Relief Fund

This is an URGENT APPEAL to join “Indian Women and Child Welfare Trust” to provide support. The situation is alarming and millions of people are affected by the devastation. (Read more)


Education Training Centre for Children, Youth and Women

The project goals are to develop the educational qualification in slum children, youth and backward women in the community. In this way the organization will play its role in poverty eradication of this section of the society and provide literacy and awareness on necessary developmental subjects. To reach these goals the organization is planning to run Vocational Training Classes, Health Awareness programs and Economic Development Classes for the target community and assist them to start income generation programs.

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Educating Women - About Their Legal Rights

We know that in order to protect women from injustice, they must be aware of the laws protecting their rights and the community resources available for advocating and securing them. As program participants, women learn the difference between what the law states and the actual legal practices in their country, and the ways in which the legal system can protect women and children. They engage in discussions to enhance their legal understanding of marriage, divorce, child custody, domestic violence and rape, ownership, inheritance and the control of assets. As a result, participants are able to make informed decisions, take action and advocate for their families, communities and nations.

Access to Primary Education

Indian Women And Child Welfare Trust is facilitating access to education for Women/children through Education Awareness Programmes focusing on women/ girl child and school dropouts. The awareness programmes are helping parents understand the importance of children’s education and to encourage them to go to school.

Building Peace and Ending Gender-Based Violence

Indian Women And Child Welfare Trust is to create a world where women have the right to live free from all forms of violence. We also look at the root causes and factors that promote a culture of violence in our societies. As such, building peace does not only mean the absence of violence, but ensuring just solutions to the world’s inequalities, the end of gender-based violence, and women and girls’ entitlement to all their human rights.

Sewing Centre Program

IWCWT facilitated a tailoring course for rag pickers and domestic helpers in a community in West Delhi, India. This helps them earn their living and provide for their family. The centre provides an important supportive environment for the women to meet and when certain skill levels have been achieved the project provides a sewing machine which can supply the successful trainee with the vitally important independent source of income. Saving and credit schemes have also been implemented and women’s fairs with drama and community activities organized.

Street Children Programme

Indian streets are home to world's largest population of children who live on the streets, estimated at 18 million. These children grow up on the margins of the society and are victims of all kinds of abuses - sexual, physical and emotional. Unlike their peers living in good homes, these children are deprived of love, care, protection and supervision of adults. Oftentimes, they go hungry. Eventually, many children get addicted to drugs to escape hunger and harsh reality. Malnutrition is widespread among them. Due to constant exposure to the unhealthy conditions of living on the streets, children suffer from a range of ailments. Naturally, education never figures in their priorities when mere survival is a struggle. Indian Women And Child Welfare Trust works among these children, giving them hope, dignity and a good future. Having been in the service of uplifting the poor for more than 12 years, Indian Women And Child Welfare Trust has adapted the best tools to create a sustainable impact in the lives of children living on the streets. This year, we plan to touch the lives of West Delhi children living on the streets. We need your support! Join us and help a child on the street live with dignity!

AIDS Awareness Programme

We have undertaken a massive AIDS awareness program, among the public, with the conduct of awareness camps and seminars. We also conduct regular and free medical camps to educate people about the dreadful scourge of modern times. The camps are conducted by prominent physicians. Hundreds have already benefited from our camps.

General Medical Camps

We have successfully conducted medical camps for children and adults raising awareness about women’s health, infant’s health programs, dental camps, eye-camps, cancer awareness ,etc,. It is a matter of great pride for us that doctors were ever willing to co-operate with us for the conduct of these medical camps.

We have been doing path breaking work in leprosy eradication, also. Prominent business houses and businessmen from the world over have also come forward and offered their generous helping hand towards this noble cause.